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Video: It鈥檚 Time to Act on School Security

To stress the importance of investing in K-12 school safety, 优盈彩票快三 produced a video with partners from the Partner Alliance for Safer Schools and from Safe and Sound Schools. Learn why it鈥檚 time to act.

优盈彩票快三 is actively tracking a wide range of issues for our members. Pressing topics include border security, preventing vehicular terrorism, artificial intelligence and school safety.

Airport Security

Safe and secure air travel is the expectation of every passenger, and it is critical that airports are able to update security strategies in response to evolving threats.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Trump administration and Congress have聽recognized the significance of AI and machine learning across many sectors by creating working groups such as the White House Select Committee on AI and the Congressional AI Caucus to learn how the federal government can foster, and not stifle, development and use of these technologies.

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Body-Worn Cameras

优盈彩票快三 supports efforts to provide assistance to law enforcement agencies for the implementation of body-worn camera systems. Learn more about this timely issue.

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Border Security

优盈彩票快三 supports ensuring聽that any legislation seeking to improve security at U.S. borders provides for the deployment of modern security technology to its full potential in conjunction with other measures and in a manner that is most cost effective and beneficial for U.S. taxpayers.

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The security industry fulfills a crucial role in cybersecurity and national security by providing systems that manage credentials for federal workers and contractors and control access to federal facilities and computer networks.

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Facial Recognition

For many years, use of advanced facial recognition technology has benefited Americans in countless but underpublicized ways 鈥 helping to find missing children, fight human trafficking, find dangerous criminals, bring sexual predators to justice and thwart identity thieves. Clearly, the benefits of facial recognition technology vastly outweigh the risks.

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Fair & Open Trade

优盈彩票快三 has a deep and increasing concern with the direction of U.S. trade policy due to the willingness of the current administration to use tariffs as a major policy tool in disputes with our trading partners, and the negative economic effects that could result from escalating tariffs.

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Patent Reform

优盈彩票快三 supports legislation that cracks down on abuses by patent trolls, which thwart technological innovation and cost manufacturers millions of dollars each year.

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Preventing Vehicular Terrorism

Unfortunately, public areas and places where crowds gather have become targets for vehicular attacks around the world, and recently in the U.S.聽 The strategic placement of security barriers and other systems in key locations is critical to protecting the public but requires significant security and engineering expertise to deploy effectively.

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School Safety

优盈彩票快三 is committed to promoting safe and secure learning environments for our children, where security technology is a vital component.

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Technology Workforce Development

优盈彩票快三 is engaged in efforts to grow the security talent pipeline聽by working with community colleges, creating outreach programs for students and young professionals and providing information about security industry careers 鈥 which are increasingly IT centric as the information technology and security disciplines converge.

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优盈彩票快三 advocates that the federal government should play a key role in fostering investment in the communications infrastructure that supports the Internet of Things and collaboration between the public and private sectors to eliminate barriers to deployment.

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Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Counter-UAS

Autonomous robotics are increasingly relied upon for smarter security by complementing 鈥 not replacing 鈥 traditional security practitioners, guards and other personnel and systems.

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New data shows public opinion of Americans on use of facial recognition technology.

Extensive New Poll Finds Most Americans Support Facial Recognition

68% of Americans Say Facial Recognition Technology Can Make Society Safer SILVER SPRING, Md. 鈥 Leading independent polling firm Schoen Cooperman Research recently conducted a nationwide poll on Americans鈥 views of facial recognition technology. The survey of 1,000 adults found that most Americans support the use of facial recognition across a wide range of applications.…

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In response to the Covid-19 global pandemic, the security industry has sought to provide customers with solutions to assist with responsible recovery and reopening. Recently, however, it has become increasingly clear that there have been some products introduced during this time that are missing the mark when it comes to enhancing public safety. Specifically, there…

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优盈彩票快三 position on Portland, Oregon, facial recognition ordinance ban

Security Industry Association Says Portland, Ore., Facial Recognition Bans Are Shortsighted

City council鈥檚 decision to prohibit the technology鈥檚 use by businesses impacts companies鈥 ability to secure their facilities and property and protect their people and customers. SILVER SPRING, Md. 鈥 The Security Industry Association (优盈彩票快三) says that the decision by the city council of Portland, Ore., to ban facial recognition technology use by businesses in places…

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UPDATE: New Compliance Deadline for Sec. 889 (a)(1)(B) 鈥 Sept. 30, 2020

On Aug. 12, U.S. Director of National Intelligence (DNI) John Ratcliffe issued a memorandum to the U.S Department of Defense (DOD) granting a waiver to the prohibitions listed in Section 889 (a)(1)(B) of the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Citing national security interests in the context of DOD procurement, DNI Ratcliffe exercised existing authorities…

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